My Fasting Experience


I’m excited to kick off our 21 Day challenge with my own experience with fasting. Often in the Bible fasts are used as a way to grow near to God or hear his voice. Moses received the 10 commandments after a 40 day fast. Paul and Barnabas received their calling to ministry after fasting, and even Jesus fasted in the garden to hear His Father’s voice.

Life gets busy; juggling a family and my role as HCC Family Pastor can become overwhelming at times, and if I’m not careful I find myself focusing on the wrong areas in my life! I am using this 21 day challenge as an opportunity to focus on God’s calling in my life and how to share my faith with 40324.

This morning as I laid in bed, I fought the urge to check Facebook, but instead I turned to God. I started thanking Him for my blessings and seeking His direction in my ministry to reach those far from Christ. I was shocked how quickly God started talking to me, and revealing outreach opportunities that exceeded anything I could have created on my own.

God is good! He wants to talk to us; He is just waiting for us to make time to start the conversation. I’m so encouraged by the start of my fast, and I know God has great things to reveal to you. I look forward to hearing them!

Amber Mckenzie

Family Ministry Pastor

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