Repair Diagnosis

The act of fasting reveals many things about me. I remember when I fasted for twenty-four hours without food; it was rough. The beginning of the fast went great, and I was energized and ready to receive spiritual power that would help me change the world. Little did I know that toward the middle of the fast, God would reveal the chains that I put myself in. About halfway through the fast, my stomach began to hurt, and I became very irritable. I was snappy and rude to my wife and generally angry. I began to reconsider my decision to fast and it was at that point that God had reminded me that I had not been praying in addition to not eating. In my angry and rude state, I began to pray to God. My prayers started out with cries of strength to help me get through the fasting period, but quickly turned to prayers of disappointment. The Holy Spirit was showing me how sinful I was and how food was masking problems and acting as symptom relievers. My prayers turned from disappointment to prayers of hope and joy. The Spirit revealed and spoke of Jesus Christ, my savior and healer; that Jesus paid the price for my sins and that “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ” (Phil 1:6). When I saw myself for who I really was, I was disappointed and disgusted; but when I saw God for who He is, He reminded me of His character and His unending love for me. I emerged from the fasting period energized and wanting to pray for days on end. God met me in my physical weakness, diagnosed the level of my spiritual weakness and continued repairs, further completing the good work He started in me.


Jonathan Demessie

Worship Arts Pastor

Mike AllenComment