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Harmony Christian Church is searching for a Worship Pastor to help us create an engaging environment to worship Jesus in.


This person should be wicked awesome at leading people :)
– You will have a fantastic team of over 30 people to lead as a part of the worship ministry – working directly with our worship leadership team and worship directors.  You will also work alongside our incredible production director and his team.

This person should have a passion to help others worship Jesus and lead the way in exhibiting that worship
– You will be responsible for planning and executing weekend worship services that create an environment for people to engage with God in a powerful, life-changing way.  We believe that every week there is someone in our seats whose life hangs in the balance and we plan on ways to reach them.  We not only want someone who has the ability to plan that kind of service but someone who can engage the body of Christ in a way that leads them into worship.

This person should have a working familiarity with the technology that accompanies the position (click tracks, stage lighting, digital soundboards, in-ear monitors, etc.)
– You will work hand in hand with our production team to cast vision and help lead towards creating engaging worship environments both online and in person.  It’s vital that you are familiar with the technology that we use on a regular basis.

This person should feel an affinity and alignment with the beliefs and values of Harmony Christian Church
– Don’t go work at a church that you don’t feel you can fully get on board with.  We are a church that’s on a mission to Advance the Kingdom by Living for God and Loving people. That means we are looking for someone with a like-minded heart.



Some Qualities of the Right Kind of Candidate:

  • Humble (servant leadership is at the core of how we do ministry)
  • Gifted musically
  • Has a track record of raising up other leaders (not someone who is concerned with being the star of the show)
  • Gifted at engaging the people and drawing them into worship through audience engagement (explaining songs, reading scripture that draws people in, saying “come on” at the appropriate times 😉 )
  • Teachable – we are not looking for a “know-it-all”
  • Relationally gifted
  • Able to work within a team setting

Experience & Education:

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience leading in a modern worship context in a mid-size to larger church.

A degree from a bible college is a positive but not a requirement.



Harmony is a part of the Restoration Movement Churches (we are a non-denominational, independent church that is staff-led, elder protected).

A Quick Guide to Some Typical Cultural/Theological Differences:

PLEASE NOTE:  we are not including these as debating points, we just want to help you see if there is alignment with Harmony and if it would be a great place for you to pursue employment.  If you disagree with these statements, then there is a strong likelihood working at Harmony wouldn’t be a great fit.

If you have genuine questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are an open book!


  • Baptism as a part of salvation (see our beliefs statement about “Salvation” and “Baptism” for more)
  • We believe in freewill (we do not ascribe to “Once Saved Always Saved,” we do however believe that followers of Jesus can be secure in their salvation.)
  • We partake of communion weekly because this was the New Testament pattern (Acts 20:7)
  • We believe in the gifts of the Spirit, but don’t actively pursue the public speaking in tongues, or healing services, etc.  We are not a charismatic church or movement.  We do however regularly pray for healing for the sick and practice anointing with oil (as found in James 5:14–15)
  • Prophecy/End Times:  We don’t take a stance on this other than the fact that we are on Jesus’ welcoming committee, not the planning committee.  While we may hold personal beliefs about these events, we focus on leading people to Jesus over trying to persuade people to our theological bent.
  • Human sexuality: we love everyone equally, but believe the intended created order is for men & women to be united as one flesh through the physical intimacy of sex in the context of a committed relationship we call marriage.  Anything outside of this is sin (see Romans 1:26-27).  We do not believe gender is fluid (Genesis 1:27) rather it is a created gift to be celebrated and embraced. We believe this is an incredibly complex issue, but choose to lead with loving people, helping them find a relationship with Jesus, and walking with them through the truth of scripture.  We do not compromise the truth, nor do we compromise on loving people.
  • Racial issues:  We are a church that is racially diverse.  We do not make a big deal about this, because we just love people – but are also a church that believes it’s important to stick up for those who are mistreated.  We are VERY careful and cautious about how we walk those lines and careful to lead with love.
  • Political issues:  We are not a political church.
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170 Southgate Dr., Georgetown, Kentucky, 40324, United States
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June 7, 2021
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September 30, 2021
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