Kent Wagner

Connection Group Leader Training – Part 1

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Joining the ranks of Harmony’s Connection Group Leaders is one of the best next steps you can take.  You will be making an eternal impact in the lives of those you lead and building friendships that will last a lifetime.  We are excited that you are taking this step and excited to partner with you in making sure that you have all the training you need to feel confident that you can make a difference.

All of these lessons are taught via YouTube videos and can be watched/listened to while doing other things (please just ensure that if you listen while driving that you don’t “watch” as well 🙂 )

This course is designed to give you:

An overview of why we do Connection Groups
What we do in Connection Groups

Download the PDF Training Manual Download an eBook Version of the Training Manual

After completing this course you will continue on to “Connection Group Leader Training – Part 2.”

After completing that training you will be taken through a series of live and in-person Group encounters designed to replicate an actual group experience and to give you “on-the-job” training.  Our staff will follow up with you after your completion of the course to help get you scheduled for the next live and in-person Group encounter, please be sure to notify us that you have completed the training.

Kent Wagner
I am the Lead pastor at Harmony Christian Church. I love Jesus and am passionate about helping people learn how to connect their lives with Christ!