Tereasa Robinson





Teresa is married to Doug, who is a Federal Agent and is also very busy serving at Harmony.  Life at the Robinson house is never dull.  Together they have 6 kids (Kara, Lauren, Cody, Hannah, Kaitlyn, and Will) that form the Sutherland/Robinson family.  They also treasure their grandchildren Holden and Hayden.  Teresa enjoys James Bond movies and Chicago Fire/PD as well as chick flicks.   Reading is one of her favorite pastimes and she has written a novel and two children’s books.  She loves the outdoors and participates in the Boston Terrier Rescue.  She especially loves being a part of everything going at Harmony and working with a staff of people who love others and are dedicated to living the Discipleship Journey together.  I love my church!

Email me: office@harmonychurch.cc