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Report Links:

Purchase Order

Receipt Submission

Facilities Reservation Request

Time-Off Request (Needs Link)

Technology Work Request

Facilities Work Request

Ministry areas

Worship & Production Documents

Sound SOP (Needs Link)

Lights SOP (Needs Link)

Pro-Presenter SOP (Needs Link)

Childrens Documents

Kids Check-In form (Needs Link)

Background Check Consent (Needs Link)

Students Documents

Parental Consent Form (Teen) (Needs Link)

Adult Ministry

2020 Mission, Vision, Target

1st Impressions

Guest Personalized Web Page Creation SOP


Baptism Submission (Needs Link)

Baptism Follow up Process

Baptism Follow Up Flow - Year Long

Click here to be taken to the form to submit newly baptized individuals to the email follow up flow

Ministry Engagement & Follow Up

Online Membership Track

Learn about Tithing (Needs Link)

Talk to Someone about Salvation (Needs Link)

Connection Group Follow up (Needs Link)

Student Ministry (Needs Link)

Children Ministry (Needs Link)

Volunteering (Needs Link)

Digital Assets

Graphic Links


Sermon Series Resources

REACH Graphics (Needs Link)

Children's Ministry Resources (Needs Link)

Kent's Graphic Folder

Website & Online Media

How to update the podcast

Learn to create a Course in our Online Leadership Pipeline

Create Web Based SOP's - SOP


Staff Resources

Staff Handbook (Needs Link)

Staff Values

Staff Coaching Resources

Eldership Docs

Eldership Selection Documents

100 Prayer Phone Call Script


Nominate a Guy for LEAD

Use this form to submit someone to our list for nomination for the next session of LEAD

List of Potential Lead Candidates

View the spreadsheet for the candidates of LEAD that have been nominated and see their progress through the process.


Invite letter, Covenant, Handbook, Schedule, etc.

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