Harmony Christian Church
Harmony Christian Church
October 16, 2022 - Week 3 - Chosen Sunday
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So, about 6 months ago I went out for coffee with Josh Moran who is our representative from World Vision.  Honestly, I was a little stand-offish because I didn’t want to get sold something, I try to be cautious about what we add to what we do at Harmony.  I’m sitting there listening to Josh and thinking, “I know how this thing works, you come to make us feel bad about being Americans and then we go in and help kids out…”  But as I listened I realized there was something drastically different about what World Vision was doing with Chosen.  It’s not that other ministries are bad or wrong in how they do this, but what was different about what World Vision does is they don’t just bring help to the poor and under-served.  They bring dignity and hope.  

When I was a kid, I grew up poor – I know some of you know what that’s like.  I can remember going to church with my parents and having to go to the basement to this stuffy room.  There was a guy who worked at JC Penney and he would bring all the returned or stained clothes to the church.  I’ll never forget standing there as a kid with this tall guy dressed nicely as we foraged through the clothes to see if we could find some school clothes that might fit us.  If I’m really honest with you, it was embarrassing.  I’m not sure how my parents felt about it, but I know they worked hard and we couldn’t make ends meet.  I can’t imagine that it left them with much dignity.

So, as I sat there listening to Josh talk about how World Vision was flipping the script and the kids would choose us.  How they are investing in helping people break the cycles of poverty and get clean water.  How they are empowering people with the hope of Jesus.  

You know all month long we’ve been talking about “what is the impact we could make?” What is the way that we could be used to Advance the Kingdom of God?  Last week you took a challenge to identify with the poor.  This week, what if every one of us went out there and took a step to take care of the poor?  To put food on a family’s table and earn the right to bring faith into their community.  What if helping could also bring dignity, what if you could be chosen?

This is a literal way you can Advance the Kingdom.  I know for some of you, $39 is a huge ask.  I know for others of you, you spend $39 a week on coffee.  We aren’t asking you to do this because you all need to give more – you are already a crazy generous church.  We are asking you because we believe this investment could literally mean a life is changed.

What if God is just waiting for you to say yes so you can be chosen?  Imagine what it will feel like to have a child look at the picture of you and your family and say, “them, I want them…”