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Playing, Praying, and Growing together

This is where you will find links to our repository of Questions.  Once you click into a set of questions you will find other helpful ways to lead your group as you encourage them all to continue to grow in their discipleship to Jesus!

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Pray, Play, & Grow Together!

Life change happens better in circles than in rows!

Submit a Prayer

Does your group have a prayer request that you think would be helpful for our care ministry team to know about and be praying for?  Submit it below:

Our church has an INCREDIBLE care ministry team.  They regularly pray over the needs in our church and contact those who need care.  If you need prayer, please submit your request here.

Prayer Request Submission

Prayer requests remain on our list for two weeks. If the need is on going, please resubmit or contact our prayer team.

Would you be interested in learning more about joining our care team and praying for the needs of those in our church and caring for them?

I would like to have someone follow up with me and personally pray for my need with me. You will receive a phone call or text from one of our team member if you select this option