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Connection Groups

Connection Groups are the lifeblood of Harmony.  They are smaller groups of people that meet in homes and other locations to go deeper into the word of God and the messages that were delivered on Sunday.

How do I get into a Connection Group?  Join us for one of our Connection Group Spin-Off Experiences.

Connection Group Spin-Off Experience

When does the Spin-Off Experience happen?

Sunday Evenings from 6-8pm at the church building (at the same time as REACH – our student ministry, we will also provide a ministry for our younger children as well during this time.)

These Experiences happen 3 times a year starting in January, June, and September

Each Experience lasts for 4 weeks

What is the Spin-Off Experience?

The Connection Group Spin-Off Experience is a no-pressure opportunity for you to build relationships, grow in your spiritual life, and get connected.  At the Spin -Off Experience we:

6:00-6:30 pm

  • Eat together

6:30-7:50 pm (kids go to the kids ministry)

  • Have some fun (opportunities to win some prizes)
  • Recap the Sermon from the morning
  • Break into small groups (8-12 people) to discuss the sermon and scripture from the morning – you get to choose the group you want to join (again, no-pressure).  If you need help finding a group, we’ll be more than willing to assist.

7:50-8:00 pm (pick up kids)

  • Go home refreshed and ready for the week

At the end of the 4 week experience*, it’s our sincere hope that you will have started to develop some relationships that you will want to Spin-Off into a home based Connection Group, where you will meet weekly (taking breaks mid-December-mid January, mid-May-mid-June, mid-August-mid-September).

*What if you didn’t find a group of people you really clicked with?  No sweat, after the 4 weeks, you can take a break and then join back up for the next Spin-Off Experience and meet a whole new group of people!

Who should consider coming to a Spin-Off Experience?

Anyone who has been at Harmony for more than a week :).  Seriously, these Experiences are a blast, we provide free food and ministry for all your kids during the 4 weeks, and we even have some fun built into them to help you get a chance at winning some prizes!

How do I get registered for the next Spin-Off Experience?

Getting registered is super simple.  Click here to navigate to our registration form and let us know you are planning on coming to the next event.  It’s really important to register so we can make sure and have enough food for your whole family.

Who will be leading the Spin-Off Groups?

Whoever wants to :).  Everyone that evening will be given a printed set of the Connection Group discussion guide questions (you can see a sample of this in our FAQ’s section under the question, “What kind of things will we discuss in the Spin-Off Groups/Connection Groups?”).  We will encourage you to take turns asking the questions – but only if that’s something you feel comfortable with (we know some people’s personalities don’t line up with speaking up in front of a crowd and that’s ok – seriously, do I have to say it again – no pressure 🙂 ).

The questions are written in a super simple way (there are even leader hints to help you sound like a genius when you are the one leading the group) that anyone can do it.  We think you’ll have a blast doing this and we know it will help your spiritual life sky-rocket to the next level!

Harmony Christian Church Connection Group Spin-Off Experience Infographic

Members Make a Difference @ Harmony

At Harmony, we take membership seriously because our members make a serious difference!

Be we also think you should be able to become a member on your own time.  That's why we created an innovative way to learn about membership and take your next step into becoming a central part of what makes our church amazing!  Simply listen to a 9 episode podcast we produced and complete 6 online pledges - let us know you've completed the process and you will have become a member!  Click below to visit the membership track podcast and get started today!

Register for the Spin-off Experience

Getting into a group @ Harmony is SO easy. We will meet regularly for a Spin-Off experience 3 times a year (Jan, June, Sept) which will include dinner and ministry for teens and kids to help you get connected and grow in your faith.  Register today for our next Experience using this form.

Have questions about groups?  check out our FAQ’s to get answers…

FAQ’s:  Get Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Just click below to expand the answers to the questions.

How long am I committing?

Typically Connection Groups sessions will last for around 3-4 months.  The Connection Group sessions follow the rhythm of the seasons for starting and stopping – Fall, Winter/Spring, and  Summer.  We intentionally break from having groups during busy times of the year (May, August, December) to allow you and your family to get stuff done that you need to get done and to allow us to start new groups with our Connection Group Spin-Off Experiences.  


Fall Session:
  • September – Spin-Off Experience
  • October-Early December – Groups meet in homes
Winter/Spring Session:
  • January – Spin-Off Experience
  • Mid-February-Early May – Groups meet in homes
Summer Session:
  • June – Spin-Off Experience
  • July-early August – Groups meet in homes
What will I do in a Connection Group?

Connection Groups meet together weekly, build relationships with each other and discuss the previous week’s sermon material to go deeper in our faith together.  Pretty much you have a BLAST and grow spiritually while doing

What if I get in and don’t like it, am I stuck?

Nope, we have a coordinator who you can contact at any point and let her know that your group isn’t working for you or that your circumstances have changed and she will help you get out and, if you want, find a group that fits you better.

This is also why we do the Spin-Off Experience.  You will have formed relationships with the people in your group before ever having to show up at someone’s house you don’t know.  At that experience, if you don’t feel like you fit with the group you got into the first time, you can try out a different group to see if there’s a better fit.

I want to be in a group, but can’t make it work this time around, will you do these again?

Yes, Connection Groups will start and end in 3 sessions each year.  A Fall session, a Winter/Spring session, and a Summer session.  If it doesn’t work now, be sure to plan on getting involved in the future session.

Do I have to register for the Spin-off Experience or can I just show up?

While we won’t turn anyone away from a Spin-off Experience, we would prefer you register before coming so we can know how many kids to prepare for and how much food to order.  It is helpful to us to know ahead of time and be prepared for you to have an amazing experience growing in your faith and relationship with others.

What kind of things will we discuss in the Spin-Off Groups/Connection Groups?

It’s important to know what you are getting yourself into.  At the most basic level – the questions you will discuss are all based off the sermon from Sunday.  Here is an example of questions from our second sermon in our series how to BLESS those in your circle (you can listen to the whole series here):

Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
  1. What’s the busiest week you’ve had recently?
  2. When life is chaotic like that, do you have a harder time focusing on people?  Why do you think that is?
  3. Who is the best listener you know?  What makes them so good at it?
  4. In his sermon Kent talked about how Jesus was able to push off the urgency of healing Jairus’ daughter to give himself fully to the woman who had been bleeding.  On a scale from 1-10 how hard would this have been for you? (10 being the most difficult)  Why?
  5. Let’s read Luke 8:40-56 (ask for volunteers).  As you’re reading, look for things that stick out to you?  Remember, Kent talked about how this story seems out of sync.
    (LEADERS NOTE:   The thing that is out of sync is Jesus seems unhurried by the fact that a 12 year old is dying.  Instead, he stops in the middle of a busy crowd to try to find someone who touched him so he can give this woman peace.  We want your group to consider how it would have felt for this woman to have Jesus make her feel special and to not just give her the gift of the miracle, but the gift of Him actually interacting with her.)
  6. In James 1:19 he says,  My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”
  7. Why do you think we so often get this idea backward (quick to speak, quick to become angry, slow to listen)?
  8. As we seek to live out the BLESS practices what has been challenging to you as you think about truly listening to those in your circle?  How have you been thinking about putting this practice into play?
I'm already in a Connection Group, do we need to stop meeting for the Connection Group Spin-Off's?

Not at all.  If you already have a group that’s meeting and want to continue to meet, we’d actually encourage you to do so (other than during the times when our groups take a break from meeting – December, May, and August).  Our goal with these groups is to form a deep community of beleivers that loves one another and cares for one another.  So, by all means, continue to meet.

Now, if your group wants to join in on the Spin-Off Experiences, or perhaps you have some members that have left and you want to join back into an experience in order to try and attract some new members, then by all means, jump back in!

Either way, when we say no-pressure, we mean no-pressure!