Tracking Jesus – The Harmony of the Gospels

Take a journey through the life of Jesus! 

The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) are exciting reads that are literally life changing!  Each of these four eyewitnesses describe the events they experienced with Jesus.  From sitting on hillsides listening to him teach, to witnessing firsthand the miracles of lives changed in dramatic fashion. 

Each writer is delivering a packed punch to their particular audience by focusing on the different things that were meaningful to them about the life and ministry of Jesus.  Because of this, some gospels follow ideas more than a timeline of events.  They move from moment to moment in history and it can be difficult to know exactly when in the life of Jesus a particular event occurred.

Thankfully, the scholars who put together the Life Application Study Bible created a Harmony of the four Gospels. Using Luke (who claims to be writing an orderly account) as the basis for creating a chronological order of the events of the Gospels and pairing together stories from the various Gospels into one way of seeing them. 

Below you will find a general introduction to the Gospels (why they were written, for whom they were written, helpful things to know when reading the Gospels, etc) followed by the Harmony of Gospels.  Use these buttons to quickly navigate to each section:

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Watch the sermon above that set up this whole series – it will give you useful insight into this series “Tracking Jesus.”

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