From Roman soldiers to religious leaders – Jesus engaged the people of His day in a unique way.  Follow some of His encounters here.

Jesus Engages People
(Sections 68-76)







Section 68

A Roman centurion demonstrates faith

Mt 8:5-13

Lk 7:1-10

Section 69

Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead

Lk 7:11-17

Section 70

Jesus eases John’s doubt

Mt 11:1-19

Lk 7:18-35

Section 71

Jesus promises rest for the soul

Mt 11:20-30

Section 72

A sinful woman anoints Jesus’ feet

Lk 7:36-50

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Section 73

Women accompany Jesus and the disciples

Lk 8:1-3

Section 74

Pharisees say Jesus is under Satan’s power

Mt 12:22-37

Mk 3:20-30

Section 75

Religious leaders ask Jesus for a miracle

Mt 12:38-45

Section 76

Jesus describes his true family

Mt 12:46-50

Mk 3:31-35

Lk 8:19-21

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