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Below, find pericopes of Jesus’ life and timeline broken up into different periods of time.  Click any of those periods to be taken to the harmonization of the gospels for the chronology of that time frame.

Early Life

Birth & Preparation:

Study the early life of Jesus from His birth to His first miracle of turning water into wine.

sections 1-22

Initiation & Calling:

Jesus’ ministry started with Him initiating disciples and calling people to a new way of life.  Experience the call to the Kingdom.

sections 23-48

Early Ministry

Jesus’ Early Teachings:

Jesus was a traveling preacher who taught revolutionary ideas.  Read through some of the early teachings of His ministry.

sections 49-67

Jesus Engages People:

From Roman soldiers to religious leaders – Jesus engaged the people of His day in a unique way.  Follow some of His encounters here.

sections 68-76

Parables of Jesus:

Jesus often taught in Parables (earthly stories that hold heavenly meaning).  Unearth some treasures in these parables Jesus gave us.

sections 77-86


Miracles & Ministry of Jesus:

Jesus performed incredible miracles and yet was still able to meet the needs of individuals when they came to Him.  Dig in and be challenged by the life He lived and the incredible things He did.

sections 87-108

Jesus Begins to Reveal:

Early in Jesus’ ministry He intentionally tried to keep what He was doing quiet.  Now, as He turns toward the cross, He begins to reveal more and more who He is and what He is doing.

sections 109-146

Jesus Teaches & Challenges

As the end of His life nears, Jesus will begin to go deeper in His teaching and challenge the established idea that God wanted religious observance instead of a surrendered heart.

sections 147-182

Last Week

Last Week of His Life:

Jesus will challenge the leaders and intentionally stir the pot.  He will be doing things that cause concern from a leadership standpoint for the religious and political leaders of His day.

sections 183-223

Arrest & Death:

Follow the arrest and death of Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemene to Golgotha.

sections 224-238

Post Resurrection

Follow Jesus after He flexes His muscles and resurrects from the dead, proving He is God incarnate (in the flesh).  He physically appears after being in the grave 3 days.

sections 239-250

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