Early in Jesus’ ministry He intentionally tried to keep what He was doing quiet.  Now, as He turns toward the cross, He begins to reveal more and more who He is and what He is doing.

Jesus Begins to Reveal Himself (Sections 109-146)







Section 109

Peter says Jesus is the Messiah

Mt 16:13-20

Mk 8:27-30

Lk 9:18-20

Section 110

Jesus predicts his death for the first time

Mt 16:21-28

Mk 8:31-9:1

Lk 9:21-27

Section 111

Jesus is transfigured on the mountain

Mt 17:1-13

Mk 9:2-13

Lk 9:28-36

Section 112

Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy

Mt 17:14-21

Mk 9:14-29

Lk 9:37-43

Section 113

Jesus predicts his death for the second time

Mt 17:22-23

Mk 9:30-32

Lk 9:44-45

Section 114

Peter finds the coin in the fish’s mouth

Mt 17:24-27

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Section 115

The disciples argue about who would be the greatest

Mt 18:1-6

Mk 9:33-37

Lk 9:46-48

Section 116

The disciples forbid another to use Jesus’ name

Mk 9:38-42

Lk 9:49-50

Section 117

Jesus warns against temptation

Mt 18:7-9

Mk 9:43-50

Section 118

Jesus warns against looking down on others

Mt 18:10-14

Section 119

Jesus teaches how to treat a believer who sins

Mt 18:15-20

Section 120

Jesus tells the parable of the unforgiving debtor

Mt 18:21-35

Section 121

Jesus’ brothers ridicule him

Jn 7:1-9

Section 122

Jesus teaches about the cost of following him

Mt 8:18-22

Lk 9:51-62

Section 123

Jesus teaches openly at the temple

Jn 7:10-31

Section 124

Religious leaders attempt to arrest Jesus

Jn 7:32-53

Section 125

Jesus forgives an adulterous woman

Jn 8:1-11

Section 126

Jesus is the light of the world

Jn 8:12-20

Section 127

Jesus warns of coming judgment

Jn 8:21-29

Section 128

Jesus speaks about God’s true children

Jn 8:30-47

Section 129

Jesus states he is eternal

Jn 8:48-59

Section 130

Jesus sends out seventy-two messengers

Lk 10:1-16

Section 131

The seventy-two messengers return

Lk 10:17-24

Section 132

Jesus tells the parable of the good samaritan

Lk 10:25-37

Section 133

Jesus visits Mary and Martha

Lk 10:38-42

Section 134

Jesus teaches his disciples about prayer

Lk 11:1-13

Section 135

Jesus answers hostile accusations

Lk 11:14-28

Section 136

Jesus warns against unbelief

Lk 11:29-32

Section 137

Jesus teaches about the light within

Lk 11:33-36

Section 138

Lk 11:37-54

Section 139

Jesus speaks against hypocrisy

Lk 12:1-12

Section 140

Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool

Lk 12:13-21

Section 141

Jesus warns about worry

Lk 12:22-34

Section 142

Jesus warns about preparing for his coming

Lk 12:35-48

Section 143

Jesus warns about coming division

Lk 12:49-53

Section 144

Jesus warns about future crisis

Lk 12:54-59

Section 145

Jesus calls the people to repent

Lk 13:1-9

Section 146

Jesus heals the crippled woman

Lk 13:10-17

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