Change-A-Life Sundays

(Every Sunday leading up to Christmas, starting the Sunday following Thanksgiving)

Your Change Can Change a Life!

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How it works?

Every Sunday (starting the Sunday following Thanksgiving), we ask every person to bring their change (no more than $5) each week to put in the special offering boxes around the auditorium and lobby.  Then we go and find a person in our community to give those dollars and change to in order to make a big difference!

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What if I don’t Have cash?

No problem, it’s the spirit of the thing that matters, on Change-A-Life Sundays you can use the online giving or text-2-give (text any amount to (859) 459-0316) to make your contribution.  Just choose the “Change-A-Life” fund when making your donation.

Know Someone we could bless?

This is what makes the Change-A-Life Sunday so fun!  We would love to have you nominate someone that we could bless with the Change-A-Life Sunday offering.  To think our dollars and change could come together and impact someone in a significant way is amazing!  Simply fill out the form below and make a nomination.

We can’t wait to share all the stories that we will make together, one pocketful of change at a time! So, what are you waiting for?  Nominate an individual that would benefit from the Change-A-Life Sunday offering today!

Nominations Are Closed at this Time


SEE HOW IT WORKS: Text $1 to (859) 459-0316, afterward text "refund" (no quotes) to get a refund.
In the future simply save the Text2Give number on your phone and text any amount (add 'weekly', 'biweekly', 'monthly', or 'yearly' for a recurring gift).

$50Donates $50 to to Harmony. You can type any amount; the dollar sign is optional (e.g. $50 and 50 both work).
give $50Same as above.
giveYou will receive a response asking "how much you'd like to give".
$50 missionsDonates $50 to the missions fund. You can also give to the building fund this way (example: $50 building)
$50 weeklySets up a recurring gift of $50 each week. Frequency options are 'weekly', 'biweekly', 'monthly', and 'yearly'.
$50 missions weeklySets up a recurring gift of $50 each week to the missions fund. Frequency options are 'weekly', 'biweekly', 'monthly', and 'yearly'.
refundRefunds the previously given contribution. This command can only create a refund within 24 hours of giving the gift. If the previously given contribution started a recurring gift, the recurrence will also be canceled.
updateAllows a donor to update their payment method or recurring gift.  You will receive a response with a link where you can make these changes. Please note: You can only update recurring gifts via text when the recurring gift was established via text giving.
unlinkUnlinks a your phone from the text-to-give system. If you want to set-up two recurring gifts from two different methods, using "unlink" will allow the donor to set-up a secondary recurring gift from an additional method.
commandsProvides the user with a list of the available generic text commands (will not include the unique specific keywords you have set up for your church)