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Hosting your own Online Church service

for friends and family is easier than you think!

We’ve put together this super simple infographic to help you navigate how to create and host your own online church service.  Imagine for a moment that your friends, who would never step foot in a church, started joining you online every week to watch the service, chat with you while they watched, and then talk afterward throughout the week about what God was teaching them.

What if all it took was for you to step up and give it a try?

What if creating your own online church service was super simple?

Here’s how it works:

1.  Pick a time.

The great thing about hosting your own church service is you don’t have to do it at 11 am when our service airs (although you are welcome too).  You can host your online church service at any time because Facebook allows you to easily create a watch party to watch videos with your friends or family any time you want.

So, let’s say you want to host your church service on Wed. Nights @ 8:30 pm.

2.   Send an Invite

The best practice is to start getting out the word about the online service you are going to be hosting.  We’ve found it works really well to invite groups of people that already do things together.  Have a mom’s group you hang out with regularly?  Invite them.  What about a group of guys you play ball with?  Or someone you game with or coach with?  What about the people on your shift at work?  Starting with a group of people who already do things together will help you get more traction.  You can also send out an online invite as a post.

So, let’s say you invite your fighting robotic engineering team to join you.  Be sure to tell them what time, Wed. Nights @ 8:30 pm and that you will be starting the watch party on Facebook a little early each night for them to join.

3.  Start a watch party

So, now it’s Wed. Night, it’s 8:20 pm and you are ready to start your watch party.  Here’s how you actually go about doing it (we recommend trying this out sometime prior to your first actual watch party service so you can work out any bugs).

Here’s how:  7 Simple Steps to Start a Watch Party
  • Create a new post on Facebook

  • Click ‘More‘ (three dots or slide up on phone)

  • Select “Watch Party”

  • Type “Harmony Christian Church” in the search box

  • Select the service

  • Click done

  • Type, “Join me for church now!” and post

Note:  If you are hosting your service @ 11 am and using our live feed of our online worship service for your friends to connect through, you don’t need to start a watch party – you can just invite them to join the feed with you.

4.  Share

Now that you’ve got your watch party going, share it one more time to remind people about the church service you are hosting.  Who knows who God wants to use you to reach.

5.  Connect & Engage

Finally, be sure to be intentional about connecting and engaging with the people who are attending the service you are hosting.  Ask them how their week has been.  Ask if there are things people need prayer about.  If something strikes you from the message or worship, comment on it and actually type it out.

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Why everyone should consider Hosting their own Online Church service

We live in a world that is more disconnected than ever not just from each other, but from truth, from happiness, from peace, from forgiveness, and so much more.  Your friends and family are wanting to experience these things but have no idea how to get them.  The world says it’s found in sex, money, success, and the list goes on.  But as a follower of Christ you know that the only way is in Jesus.  He is the one that when He sets you free, you are free indeed.  So, where does that leave us?  It leaves us with people all around us looking for the answer and us holding the answer.  The big “why” everyone should consider hosting their own online church service is because it costs you next to nothing, really it only costs you time (and if you are already watching it online, it’s not even costing you that).  You have the opportunity to start today, taking the message of Jesus to the world around you using content that’s already created for you to take advantage of.  All you have to do is try!

Give it a Try:

Let us know you are “giving it a try” so we can be praying for you!

Fill out this quick form to let us know a little about you and the service(s) you are planning on starting, we would love to be joining you in prayer over this!

A quick word of encouragement, remember, things that are worth doing don’t start out easy – for a lot of people it takes months of consistency to build a following for their church service – but if you are diligent, we believe you will reap a harvest for God’s Kingdom!