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April 30th – Week 5 – Two Kingdoms Compete (SECTION 61)

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Playing, Praying, and Growing together

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Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
FINAL NOTE:  Our goal is to get to the [APPLICATION QUESTION] to help work with people through how to apply what God is doing in their life.



    • Do you read instructions manuals or are you smart enough to figure it out on your own?
    • Does anyone want to share about last week’s application question: “What tangible reminders can you put in your day to be reminded that you are salt and light, and you belong to Him?”


    • What do you remember from the sermon?
    • Read Matt 6:19-21. These are words we have probably heard before.
    • What does Jesus mean by treasure in heaven?
      Leader Hint: Try to spark a discussion here. Go deeper than ‘love people’.  Maybe mentor people, or check in on those you haven’t heard from in a while.
    • Read Matthew 6:22-23. These aren’t common.  Thanks for the advice optometrist Jesus.
    • What does healthy eye have to do with anything?
      Leader Hint: Jews considered the eye to be the window to one’s soul. What you allow into your mind produces desires, which in turn produces action, and it’s our actions that reveal who we truly are.
    • Read Matthew 6:24. Okay back in familiar territory.
    • What does it look like to have 1 master?
      Leader Hint: Its not total disregard to all other things, instead a well laid out priority list. I can try to provide nice things for my family, but I need to check in with God often and if he asks something of me, be ready to do it because he is my highest priority.
    • Read Matthew 6:25-27.
    • Kent said he suspects we really don’t believe God will come through. Well do you?
    • Read the whole passage again, Matt 6:19-27. Do all these separate passages tie together? How?

      Application Question: 

      • Pray this prayer daily to help God reprioritize your masters. “Lord, the world is loud. I want to follow your quiet voice above all the others. Help me to recognize your agenda for the day and then to step out to act on it when its not in line with my own.  I love and trust you.”.
      • Take up prayer requests and pray as a group.

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