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May 7th – Week 1 – Seeds & Weeds Which are You? (SECTION 80 & SECTION 83)

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Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
FINAL NOTE:  Our goal is to get to the [APPLICATION QUESTION] to help work with people through how to apply what God is doing in their life.



    • Summer is coming up! What are you most looking forward to?
    • Did anyone notice any difference with the priority prayer from last week? “Lord, the world is loud. I want to follow your quiet voice above all the others. Help me to recognize your agenda for the day and then to step out to act on it when its not in line with my own.  I love and trust you.”


    • Did anything from the sermon stand out to you?
    • Read Matthew 13:24-30.
    • Now look around the rest of Chapter 13. Which parables are grouped with this one
      Leader Hint: The Parable of the Sower 13:1-9; explanation in 18-23; The Parable of the Mustard Seed 13:31-32
    • Why did Jesus use all this farming imagery?
    • Read the explanation of the parable in Matthew 13:36-43
    • Jesus seems to be talking about people who say they are Kingdom leaders but are actually evil. Can you think of examples of “weeds sown by the evil one” in today’s church?
    • A lot of these people might have started off with good intentions, but seeds sown by the devil ruined their whole harvest. How could something like this happen? Kent gave us three reasons if you can’t think of any others
      Leader Hint: 1) We’ve grown desensitized to sin. 2) We don’t know what sin even looks like. 3) We don’t’ care about pleasing Jesus as much as pleasing ourselves.
    • The difference between us and seeds are we can change, we aren’t born that way. The angels may not be able to pull weeds, but we can from our own life. What were some actions Kent gave us to ensure our seeds turn into wheat, not weeds?
      Leader Hint: 1) PLAN to get into God’s word – What could this look like? 2) PUT it all on the table, evaluate the assumptions you bring to the Kingdom 3) PUT the plan into action.
    • Bonus: Why did Jesus teach in Parables? He explains in Matthew 13:10-15

    Application Question: 

    • On Easter, Kent challenged us to commit to being in a place – mentally, physically, and emotionally – where God could meet with you and you can learn about His love. Did you notice a difference in these 4 weeks? What were some of the actions that helped you the most? With what we’ve talked about today, will you continue these practices?
    • Take up prayer requests and pray as a group.

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