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Sept. 17, 2023 – Trailhead 1 – Setting Up Camp

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Playing, Praying, and Growing together

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Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
FINAL NOTE:  Our goal is to get to the [APPLICATION QUESTION] to help work with people through how to apply what God is doing in their life.



    • Leader Hint: There are a lot of questions here.  Take your time and don’t worry about getting through each one.  Develop relationships and nurture your faith.
    • Does anyone enjoy camping? Will someone share their favorite place to camp? What about sharing a funny story?


    Path 1: Does God care about me? What is God’s plan for my life?

    • Let’s frame this discussion with a few verses. First, from the sermon: Ephesians 1:4-5.  Then from the Trail Guide: Jeremiah 29:11 and 1:5
    • Before going any further, think about the past few years, months, and weeks.  As you look back, where can you see God working to bring you to this point?
    • What do these verses tell you about how much forethought God has put into trying to help you find your way back home to Him?
    • Kent mentioned Harmony’s mission statement. Does anyone remember it?
      Leader Hint: Advancing the Kingdom by Living for God and Loving People.
    • What does “Living for God” and “Loving People” look like in real life?
      Leader Hint: If discussion is lacking, Kent mentioned a four “Value Propositions”. They are Servant Leadership; Extend Grace; Integrity; Value Wisdom & Truth. Use these to get to concrete examples.
    • Mature Christians don’t ask “what’s God’s will for my life” instead they ask, “what is God’s will and how do I put my life into it?””  How does that change your perspective?

    Path 2: How is Christianity different from every other religion?

    • Read Romans 3:21-26 and Romans 6:10
    • Looking back at your life, think of a way you have really messed up, hurt someone, been indifferent, or even purposefully rebellious. *What thoughts come to mind after learning what it means that Christ would sacrifice Himself for you in such a way?
    • Did Jesus really live and do the things he said he did? What do you think?
      Leader Hint: Chances are no one will say no to this question.  Instead, offer to talk to anyone about this 1 on 1 afterwards or at another time. Also, you can ask “What specific things about Jesus’s life are hard to believe?”

    Application Question: 

    • This week commit to spending some time talking with God.  Tell Him about your life and invite Him to direct the next steps of this journey. For some, writing out prayers helps – like a journal.

    • Who are some people in your life that need to hear this message that God truly loves them? Ask God for an opportunity to share the Good News.

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