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Nov. 26, 2023 – Trail Head 8 – Rationing 101

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Playing, Praying, and Growing together

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Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
FINAL NOTE:  Our goal is to get to the [APPLICATION QUESTION] to help work with people through how to apply what God is doing in their life.



    • How was everyone’s thanksgiving?
    • What is one way you have grown towards God during this Trail Guide series?


    • Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-10, Matthew 6:19-21, and Matthew 6:24-33.
    • How does Jesus highlight a kind of betrayal related to our allegiances in Matthew 6:19-21 & 24?
    • Why does Jesus make such a big deal about money if what he cares about is your spiritual life?
    • How does money betray our allegiances and where we believe the “good life” is found?
    • In what ways have you observed or experienced this in your own life or the lives of others?
    • Discuss the concept of stewardship introduced in the sermon. How might being a faithful steward impact our trust in God’s provision?
    • How can practicing godly stewardship help train our brains to believe that God is the source of the good life?
    • What practical things can we do to shift your perspective on money and possessions?

    Application Question: 

    • How will you change the way you view and handle your finances to align more closely with God’s priorities? What specific steps can you take to become a faithful steward of the resources God has entrusted to you?
    • Take up prayer requests and pray together.

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