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Oct. 8, 2023 – True Worshipers

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Leader Hints are designed to help guide a leader to some information that we want to “tease” out of the group.  They are not there for you to directly read to the participants.  People are significantly more likely to remember things they said or came up with, so your goal is to help direct them to that answer.
FINAL NOTE:  Our goal is to get to the [APPLICATION QUESTION] to help work with people through how to apply what God is doing in their life.



    • What’s one interesting or fun fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t guess?


    **Leader Hint: There are a lot of verses listed this week. As a group, try to at least read John 4:23 and 2 Samuel 6:14, but read as many as you want.  Also, encourage group members to read them.

    • What stuck out to you from the sermon?
    • Read John 4:23. How do you understand the concept of “true worshipers”? What does it mean to worship in the Spirit and in truth?
    • In Matthew 15:8-9, Jesus criticizes those who honor Him with their lips but have hearts far from Him. How can we ensure that our worship is not just a mere performance but a genuine expression of our hearts?
    • Psalm 100:1-5 emphasizes joy, gladness, and thanksgiving in worship. How can we maintain a joyful and thankful attitude in our worship, even in challenging times?
    • Brad said we should worship with 3 things. What were they?
      Leader Hint: Awe, Abandon, and Intimacy
    • Hebrews 12:28-29 talks about worshiping with reverence and awe because our God is a consuming fire. What does it mean to worship with awe, and how can we cultivate this attitude in our worship?
    • Read 2 Samuel 6:14. Have you ever experienced a moment of uninhibited worship?
    • Is there anything that holds you back from worshiping with everything you’ve got?
    • Psalm 27:4 speaks of seeking intimacy with the Lord. How can we deepen our intimacy with God in our worship and daily lives?
    • Have you ever felt stirred by the presence of God? What was that like?

    Application Question: 

    • How can you take concrete steps to incorporate the principles of worship with awe, abandon, and intimacy into your daily life and corporate worship?
    • Take up prayer requests and pray together.

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